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Looking to share data and coding projects together with useful resources to help you gain knowledge from your data.

Over the past few years I have retrained into the the field of coding to analyse and visualise data. Training includes obtaining a Masters in IT with Business Intelligence, becoming a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst, and undertaking a Professional Software Development course.

During this time I’ve discovered somethings I thought were difficult to do, weren’t quite as difficult as I first imagined. I would like to show how easy some data projects are to create if you know where to start. I want to demystify them and encourage you to give them a go.

I believe that practical application of learning is important as by applying the learning you are likely to encounter hurdles which may not be apparent when simply reading about a topic. For this reason, I create follow along projects in my YouTube videos, where possible.

Practical application is important, but equally the technical side should not be ignored hence I provide some technical videos which focus on specific issues.

I prefer to use Open Data for the video examples where possible to demonstrate that in real life data may not be provided in the final format required for your specific analysis/visualisations hence it’s helpful to understand some manipulations which may be required.

I also provide links to resources which I have found useful in case these are helpful to you.

I am an advocate for sharing knowledge and working with others to help solve problems so I regularly attend data related events and hackathons. Mention of some of the events attended can be found in the Blog section, with hackathon projects which have made it onto Microsoft’s Power BI Community Data Stories Gallery detailed in the Portfolio section.

Thank you for visiting my site!


If you would like to contact me my email address is contact@dataforknowledge.co.uk

Pauline Cairns

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