Data cleanse – Consistency in reporting hired asset status and billing

Energy performance metrics tracked using Power BI


A project management consultancy oversees the processes involved throughout the hire lifecycle of assets from initial bid to the subsequent invoices raised using an internal reporting system tailored for this purpose.

By all users recording information into the system in a consistent manner, internal reports are created to aid management with understanding the flow of the assets hired and the time period which elapses between the asset’s return and subsequent invoice raised.

Services provided

The client’s reporting system is relatively new and currently undergoing a bedding in period. As the users of the system have historically operated their own individual systems for keeping track of asset hires and billing, the transition to the new system has resulted in some missing information or accidental mis-recording of information in incorrect cells.

A data cleanse is periodically carried out to spot and highlight anomalies to allow corrective action to be taken. This helps to ensure that the internal reports are more accurate and contain timely information. 

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