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Microsoft Power BI is a tool for analysing and visualise data. From displaying data in diagram format to pulling different data sources together, Power BI’s user interface makes it relatively straightforward to create starter level projects without the requirement to write software code.  More insights from data manipulation can be achieved using code, but don’t let that put you off getting started! More information on how you can use Power BI can be found on Microsoft’s website.

Articles and How to guides

Hackathon – Plotting Shipwrecks Off The Coast of Scotland

Over 23,000 ships have been wrecked off the coast of Scotland. I was astounded when I discovered that figure as it’s far higher than I would have guessed. I quickly went from being astonished to being quite sombre thinking about how many lives would have been lost at sea. Why am I telling you this? Well …..

Easy – Insert Wikipedia extracts into Power BI using an API

This example shows how easy it is to insert Wikipedia extracts into a Power BI report using the Wikimedia API.

Easy – Plotting items on a map using Power BI

It’s easy to plot items onto a map using Power BI. With a few clicks data can be gathered, a map created, and markers plotted onto the map. Simple!

New user of Power BI – Navigate tables and bar charts

Are you new to using Power BI? Here are a few tips on how to navigate bar charts and tables.

Using Wikimedia Commons Artwork in a Power BI report

#worldbookday2022 Discovered last month that some illustrations for The Frog Prince, a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, are held by Aberdeen Archives, Museums and Galleries (AAGM). I came across the artwork whilst taking part in a wiki editathon. Couldn’t resist giving The Frog Prince it’s own page (page 3) in this very draft report - https://lnkd.in/eRa97d4S


Wikipedia extracts for ships arriving in Aberdeen Harbour

Mapping Wikidata Shipwreck data in Power BI

Allow user to open a webpage by clicking link in Power BI

Power BI waterfall chart

Movement in income and costs on a month by month basis

Ranking items - what happens if you have a tie

Treemap - Project in Power BI

Treemap Power BI project using Scottish Tourism Open Data

Power BI - How to navigate line diagrams (line charts) - Introduction

Power BI DAX Ceiling Floor

Power BI - DAX CEILING and FLOOR expressions for rounding figures


Power BI - DAX ROUND ROUNDUP ROUNDDOWN MROUND expressions for rounding figures

PBI AAGM images

The user can view different artwork from Wikidata inside a Power BI report

SWITCH statement to change cell in Power BI table

Dynamically change the background colour of a cell in Power BI

Change the title of visual dependent upon user selection

Comma disappeared from a numeric value, reinsert the comma

How to add symbols and emojis - let's rank the profits

Power BI card show zero rather than (blank)

Power BI - Card visual - (Blank) to Zero - Implicit to Explicit measure

Small line charts within a line chart - small multiples in Power BI


Power BI - DAX INT and TRUNC expressions for rounding figures

PBI Column headers update

Power BI - Column headers of a table - small changes can make a difference to the report's aesthetics and the user's understanding of the visual.

PBI Navigation pane

Power BI - Inbuilt page navigation - change state from default, hover, press, selected

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