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Waste Wizards team at Code the City hackathon

At CTC Hackathon in November 2021 the Waste Wizards team gathered to help plot Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) and their facilities on Open Waste Map through updating Open Street Map. 

Automatic Identification System (AIS) data – let’s track vessels!

Ahoy there! Did you know that you can track the location of vessels? All you need is the AIS data transmitted by the vessel. AIS data provides a wealth of information including current location, course, and speed all of which can all be used to make waves in the field of data analytics.

Hackathon – Plotting Shipwrecks Off The Coast of Scotland

Over 23,000 ships have been wrecked off the coast of Scotland. I was astounded when I discovered that figure as it’s far higher than I would have guessed. I quickly went from being astonished to being quite sombre thinking about how many lives would have been lost at sea. Why am I telling you this? Well …..

Scottish Open Data Unconference October 2021 How do we demonstrate the value of open data?

Question: How do we demonstrate the value of open data? 
Response: Create some noise! 

Using Wikimedia Commons Artwork in a Power BI report

#worldbookday2022 Discovered last month that some illustrations for The Frog Prince, a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, are held by Aberdeen Archives, Museums and Galleries (AAGM). I came across the artwork whilst taking part in a wiki editathon. Couldn’t resist giving The Frog Prince it’s own page (page 3) in this very draft report -

Open Data – Encouraging case studies in Scotland

How are Scottish companies and organisations using open data? What data originating in Scotland has been made open to the world. Those were the questions posed at 2020 Scottish Open Data Unconference


Wikipedia extracts for ships arriving in Aberdeen Harbour

Mapping Wikidata Shipwreck data in Power BI

Combine Dundee places with monuments dataset using Append

Treemap Power BI project using Scottish Tourism Open Data

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