#worldbookday2022  – I discovered last month that some illustrations for The Frog Prince, a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, are held by Aberdeen Archives, Museums and Galleries (AAGM). I came across the artwork whilst taking part in a wiki editathon. Couldn’t resist giving The Frog Prince it’s own page (page 3) in this very draft report.



AAGM has made around 4,000 images available on Wikimedia Commons and last month as part of Code The City’s 25th hackathon (CTC25) a team of volunteers came together to help cross reference the images to Wikipedia, where relevant, and to enhance the existing Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata records both for the artwork and the items the artwork depicts. Still a lot more cross referencing required.


Results from the two day editathon

Over the course of the editathon we managed to create 224 articles and edited over 4,500 existing records. The articles created/edited received over 57K views from the public over the course of the two days.



Always amazed at the volume of new knowledge I gain from taking part in hackathons. I have started a draft Power BI report utilising the images, further work is still required. Click on the report to check out the images.


What stands out for you in the images AAGM has kindly provided? What more do you think could be done with images? Always keen to hear suggestions.


A video demonstrating how to create the first page of the Power BI report is now available on YouTube.

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