Case Studies


A data analyst can help move data from an old database to a new database

Data migration - clean, map, transfer

The client had an old Access database system and wished to move the data to a new more efficient, reliable and faster system. The data was tidied up, mapped to the fields in the new system, with the data then transferred.


A data analyst can help move data from an old database to a new database

What streets are in my area?

Active in their local communtity council, the individual was looking to understand which streets and schools were within the council boundaries and which overlapped other council wards to help with planning of local community services.


Energy performance metrics tracked using Power BI

Retrofit - Tracking performance metrics

Tasked with improving the energy efficiency of domestic properties, the client requested a Power BI report accessible to both internal and external stakeholders. The report is a valuable tool for monitoring the project’s progress and quantifying the energy saving achieved through the implemented improvements.


Energy performance metrics tracked using Power BI

Data cleanse new asset hire system

Leveraging their project management skills, the client creates processes designed to optimise asset tracking and billing. New processes and new systems require a settling in period and often result in accidental errors arising. Regular data cleansing of the new system helps spot and correct any anomalies arising. 


Inspections - Tracking the status

Tracking the status of inspections, snagging items resolved, and the timely raising of invoices was becoming time consuming. The report provides information to support the transparency of work undertaken, links to supporting photos, and access to invoices raised eliminating the requirement to attach supporting documentation to each invoice raised to the buyer.

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