Create a new html page

To create a page you will need to set up a file which ends with ‘.html’

Most computers come with an inbuilt text editor that allows the creation of html page so you may not need to install any software to create an html page.

You can also use code editors such as Notepad++ or Atom for this purpose. The advantage of using code editors is that they often provide extra tips (debugging tools) such that if you have an error in your code, they can point you to areas where potentially the issue may arise.

Please note that you should avoid using a word processor as they can sometimes embed extra code into the page which can lead to formatting issues.

Go to your editor and set up a new file. Then save the empty page with a relevant name and with the type ‘html’. Here, the file is named ‘locate.html’.  You can save the file to wherever is convenient for you on your computer.

Image of how to save an html file

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